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My early career path started in the field of Ob-Gyn where my love for women's health was born. In later years I went back to learn more about the "underlying" causes of certain symptomatology and disease processes in the anti-aging and functional medicine fellowship. I initially brought this into my ob-gyn practice and later broadened my scope to reach men and seniors.


I specialize in bio-identical hormone balancing, prescribe nutritional supplements of the highest grade that can be used like medicines, micro nutrient infusions to boost energy, support immune function and manage chronic inflammatory conditions and provide an more integrative approach to routine gynecologic care.In the past two years I have carved out the area of weight loss as it is a key variable to risk factor reduction in many cancers and disease states. I feel like a detective in this case as I will uncover the reason why my clients are gaining weight and focus my approach on eliminating it for long lasting results. » LEARN MORE






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